First of all – thank you soo much to everyone for all of the encouragement. I feel so lucky to have so many people in my life who are supportive, positive, and loving. Also a good skype chat with my mom lifted my mood as well : ) Today was wonderful. The girls are really starting to connect with me. Using my Arabic really gains the respect of the girls and the other teachers. The girls are also so helpful. At the end of class when I go to erase the board (I share the room with 10 other teachers), one of the students comes up to me and says “no miss, I erase the board for you.” They are so helpful and seriously so kind, I feel soo lucky. What a difference a day can make! Because this is the first week, I’m just doing simple review to see how much English they know. Today I did facial descriptions because I will be teaching the theme of health for the first trimester. What that means is that we will be evaluating what makes a person healthy, a community healthy, and a society healthy. We will be reading stories and learning vocab all surrounding around that topic – so to all my teacher friends out there if you know of any stories, poems, or articles etc about this topic I would love to get a copy!!! Also if anyone knows of any good online resources or website that you think might be helpful I am all ears! So anyways, we did describing people today and I decided to turn it into a game. The girls are taking 10 intense classes (economics, biology, history, religion, Arabic, calculus etc.) and so I want English to be a place where they feel free to express themselves and be creative. So for this game I have the girls draw a picture of a person using different features we learned. I then tapped the pictures to the while board and gave them each a marker and they had to describe another girl’s picture. They had so much fun laughing, drawing, and using their new language skills to describe the characters.

I love the fact that two of the girls drew purple hair and green hair on their people! They thought it was sooo funny. Tomorrow I do this lesson with my bigger class (I have a class of 12 and a class of 21 that I teach twice a day). I am feeling like myself again and I feel confident and excited. Thank you all : ) Shukran (thank you).