Since yesterday was kind of like a half day I was unable to meet all of my students. But today we have schedules and I was able to meet all of my students. The girls are really sweet and I hope this will be a good year. I know that it will be very challenging because I am someplace new, different, and don’t speak the language fluently. I used up all the Arabic I know and my students said that I must be fluent. They are so kind because I never spoke one sentence just words. Since there are no textbooks I will have to make or find all of my resources which worries me. I know I can do this but I’m worried about having the time to do it. I am really worried about Scott because he is doing all of this while taking graduate classes online. Pray for us – we need a lot of strength and confidence right now. I felt really homesick today and I think it is just because I want some sense of normalcy. At home I know where to buy the cheapest groceries, I know where everything around the house, and I know how to cook at home. Right now things are all new all at once and so everything takes twice as long. I really just can’t wait for a month from now when we have things under control and have a rhythm and a routine. Now to give you an idea of how far out in the desert my school is let me show you two pictures.

Picture One: What most of the roads in Al Ain look like . . .

Picture Two: The beginning of the desert road that brings us to Nahel Schools

As we drive further and further into the desert we see camel herders following their camels. There are black camels, brown camels, and even white camels! My favorite was when we saw a camel herder following his herd on this four wheeler!!! Here’s some more pics of our drive:

If you click on the picture above you can see one of the camel herds. So after 30 min of this we pull into the small town of Nahel. We then go over three speed bumps and our school appears:

The entrance to Nahel School for Girls grades 1-12

The school is set up really nice. There are two main atriums and off of each one are doors that lead to each classroom. I love it. The English teacher office is on one side of the atrium and I have to walk to my classroom on the other side of the atrium. I get to feel the warm breeze and dozens of beautiful desert birds buzz all around me. I love the indoor-outdoor feel of it all – not to mention the the fact that the girls are really really sweet. They are kind, polite, and most of them want to learn. Here is a picture of the first atrium off of my office:

There are big canopies to block out the hot sun and provide shade and if you look close you can see the doors leading to all of the classrooms. There are murals on the walls of Bedouin culture and Emirati pride – its a great building. Can’t wait for this weekend where I can catch up and get properly ready for next week!! Masalaama . . .