So Sunday night we were informed that Monday morning we would be relocated to another hotel in Al Ain called the Danat Resort. This was well welcomed news. Being in Abu Dhabi was wonderful but being moved to Al Ain meant that we would be able to finally have the time to explore the city that will be our home for the next two years. Upon arrival we already recognized the differences between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. In Abu Dhabi there were massive sky scrapers, fast cars, and constant construction going on outside of our hotel window. Here, in Al Ain, we found ourselves stranded from the internet for a while but reassured and calmed by the views from our balcony:

Instead of construction we hear the sounds of birds chirping, children laughing by the pool, and the sound of date palms scratching in the wind. At night we can see the lights of Oman, the boarding country, in the distance:

Some more shots around the hotel:

It has been soo peaceful staying in Al Ain. I really hope we come to love this city. There are so many parks and plants. While our stay has been refreshing our teaching task ahead has been quite daunting. We have not set up our apartment either and so have been running from orientations to malls and grocery stores trying to meet deliveries and setting up our lives. But, as of right now I feel like we have made pretty good progress . . .

Our new living room (the only difference is that now we have a TV, internet, and a phone!) Are you all loving the carpet, the orange and the blue as much as I am!!!?

Our bedroom – I know we still need to get bedding and in case you were wondering, they charged 300 dollars for wardrobe doors!!! NOT worth it!

Our office – currently missing chairs, full of laundry, and in need of some TLC

The coffee corner in our kitchen

Our gas stove – and since we have no oven we bought that big toaster oven!

While waiting for Ikea to deliver our furniture, Scott was so sweet and went out to buy us some lunch. Well, he came back with some peanut butter, jelly, and nice bread in order to make PB and J sandwiches. The problem was that, at the time, we had to knives and no plates. But no need to worry! My handy husband solved our problem with a wrench . . .

Dont worry – he washed the wrench before spreading the peanut butter!! Lol

We start school on Sunday and I should get back to brainstorming lessons for the first week – more to come tomorrow! Masalaama . . .