So we went back to the souk with Jahbi – and this time it was open! So many wonderful things to decorate our apartment with!! We didn’t buy anything yet but the lamps, rugs, pillow cases, table cloths, and tea sets are so ornate. I’m excited about cooking here and discovering how to use all the many different spices:

So that’s what Frankincense looks like!

It is amazing how we are so much closer to the events and cultures of the Bible. I jokingly told Scott that for Christmas I want Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh – all of which you can get here – and in bulk! Scott and I have been so lucky when it comes to meeting new people. After spending time picking out decorations with Jahbi, who is such a sweetheart, we went back to the hotel and discovered that they were doing two for one beers at the Belgium Cafe! So of course we had to seize the opportunity. Cheers!