We decided yesterday that we were going to go to the Corniche in the evening so we needed a way to waste the day . . .

First we city-watched from our hotel window with our Pigeon friend

Then we went to Caribou Coffee to waste time reading and savoring a cuppa coffee : ) It’s no Tim’s but its pretty good!

Then we stopped to watch the ice-rink bumper cars!! How have we in Buffalo not thought of this yet??

Did I mention that there are pictures of Sheikh Zayed everywhere? This is my favorite one.

In the evening we then ventured for a walk by the Corniche. We enjoyed it but boy was it super super hot. The humidity was really high and a layer of water/sweat covered us within seconds. I have to say that walking on the Corniche was the only time so far that I have felt uncomfortable in Abu Dhabi. I was one of the only woman (I only saw three other women) walking around. Let me be clear though, I never got any bad looks nor did anything inappropriate happen, but I could tell that I did not fit in. I have been the only white person before, in Africa, but then I was still around other women. In this case not only was I one of the white people, but I was also one of the only women. Despite those feelings I was happy to have Scott with me and so we took in all the fabulous views:

We ended this lovely stroll with a nice cool dip in the pool and then tiramisu and coffee in the hotel’s piano lounge. It was a very relaxing and romantic evening. Tesbah ala Khair (goodnight), and I will see you again on the blog tomorrow : )