So tonight Scott and I ventured into the other side of Abu Dhabi and found PJ O’Reilly’s! It boasts to be the only Irish Pub in town and it didn’t disappoint. It reminded us of all our favorite pubs in Buffalo (Thirsty Buffalo and Buffalo Brew Pub)! And thankfully they had Guinness on the menu – one of my old favorites! The first time I had Guinness was in Ireland five years – and now I am in Abu Dhabi drinking another one! And we were just in time for the Super Happy Hour – half off drinks – Cheers! The food was your typical pub food and hit the spot. Some pics of the place;

Now for a flash back . . . This morning was the first day of Eid – the days of celebration of Ramadan (30 days of fasting from sun up to sun down). All the signs say Eid Mubarak instead of Ramadan Kareem now. All the newspapers have huge sales – very similar to Christmas time. And since the fasting is over, all of the restaurants and most of the shops are open. We no longer have to wait for Iftar (the breaking of the fast) in order to go out and eat. Plus now we can drink water in public which is a huge relief since it is sooo hot. Also the hotel and malls play music again and the shades that once covered all the hotel windows in the lobby and restaurants are open. It’s like the whole city is celebrating. So in order to celebrate we decided to go to the Central Souk.  It is all indoor market but it is designed to look like an outdoor market so the woodwork and lighting is pretty amazing. To our dismay, and don’t ask me why, all the malls are now open but the shops in the markets are closed – go figure! Even though the shops were closed, we were still able to walk around and few places inside were open. We went with Jahbi, Davin, and their daughter Yosanna. They are such a cool family and they are going to be living just down the hall from us! There was a small cafe open so we sat down and talked for hours, we have a lot in common. .:

The ceiling in the market

Well more plans for tomorrow – Blog with you soon . . .