These last two days Scott and I just relaxed. It was the last two days of Ramadan and during the day we cannot do anything because everything is closed. So we decided to practice our Arabic. It’s a crazy-hard language to try and learn. I am just beginning to master the alphabet. The letters in the picture to the left are to

be read right to left. Each letter has four variations – meaning that the letter looks one way when standing alone, at the beginning of the word, in the middle of a word, and at the end of a word. So essentially I’m not just learning 28 letters but four times that! I thought it would be weird reading from right to left but its not. Because all the letters connect are are formed right to left whenever I see Arabic words my brain naturally goes right to left, and when I see Roman letters my mind just goes left to right. I don’t really need to think too hard about that part. Yesterday was the first day that I was able to pick out letters when we were walking around town. Now, I could not tell you what the word means or what some of the sounds the letters made, but I could distinguish nonetheless – one step at a time right?! The other day we thought we’d be adventurous and go to a local restaurant instead of the mall again. This time we went to the Lebanese Flower (pictured left). It was soo delicious – best Lebanese food I’ve ever had – the garlic sauce that you spread on everything was also sooo delicious. I had garlic breath for two days it was so good lol. I swear, though, that this place was run by the Lebanese Mafia – only men ran it, all of them with suits and greased back hair, and the cook stood behind the counter with such a serious look on his face that I wouldn’t dare critique the food (thankfully it was delicious). Also, when you walk into the restaurant there is a group of men standing around smoking, talking, and eying up the place. After we left we discovered that there was a sweet shop next door. So of course we got a whole plate full of goodies! This was the first place we went to that only spoke Arabic and the first time I felt like I was in a foreign country instead of just an international one. But our Arabic must not be soo bad since we ended up with a great plate of cookies and small desserts! When we got back we decided to turn on the TV and discovered many familiar channels like the Simpsons, Mike and Molly, Friends, and Two Broke Girls all with Arabic subtitles. Then a really dramatic show in Arabic came on and it had English subtitles!! How great is that?! We were trying to distinguish the Arabic words we new when the Arabic subtitles were one, and listen for the Arabic words we knew when the English subtitles were on:

Friends with Arabic Subtitles

Mike and Molly with Arabic subtitles. I can’t seem to move the words down so I will just sign off here.  We are off to the Central Souk now – I’ll be sure to post about that experience : ) Masalaama