So yesterday we went to two of my favorite places:

Were you able to guess?? That’s right – Ikea and Tim Hortons!!

We went to Ikea to get some ideas for furnishing our place. We are going to shop around and see if there are any other places we can also get furniture (but i do love Ikea and their prices are pretty hard to beat!). Afterwards we had to open our bank accounts and went to Mushrif Mall – and guess what??? This mall has a huge fish tank inside!!!! So exciting, I just love fish:

After getting our bank cards, eating dinner, and walking around we saw the Tims! So of course I ordered an Ice Cap and Scott got his medium coffee – and it tasted just like it does back home!! It was really funny though because there were 8 people behind the counter working two registers. It was seriously the case of too many cooks in the kitchen! Here are few of my other favorite things:

I love it when the sun is low – everything has a grey-blue hue, its gorgeous

I have been cutting articles out of the paper (a habit I’ve picked up from my Dad) and found this one. It talks about how scent is a bit part of Arab culture – and its true. Everywhere we go there are smells of perfumes and incense – its really lovely

Eid is truly a time of giving!

Eid is the time after Ramadan where the 30 days of fasting are over. Most of the papers and people I talk to say that Eid is time for family, forgiveness, and giving. In the spirit of Eid, the president of the UAE decided to waive the overdue tuition fees of its expatriate students. Can you imagine! How amazing. It is really expensive for expats to sent their children to school here and for him to weave some of the debt for these families is really great. I know how relieved I’d feel if my student loans were forgiven!! Well that is all for now – I hope that everyone has a great, relaxing Friday. Masalaama : )