Once in JFK we waiting for 4 hours before boarding our airplane to Istanbul, Turkey. We got dinner and breakfast on that 9 hour flight. The food was really good – we had beef kofta with rice, zucchini, and a delicious cheesecake dessert. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with a big bowl of fresh mixed fruit. Thankfully Scott and I were able to sleep for at least 3 hours of it.

Out trip as seen from our personal airplane computer

View of Istanbul from the airport

Waiting four hours for our flight from Turkey to Abu Dhabi

Once on the plane, it was only four hour. So a movie and two t.v. shows later we finally made it! In the airport all of the teachers were gathered and went through customs and baggage claim together. I tried out some of my Arabic with the female border officer and she said I was doing pretty well!! Once we got our baggage we were put on a bus to our hotel – the InterContinental. When we arrived at this 5 star hotel we were greeted with cool washcloths to wipe our faces and glasses of orange juice. Our bags were then delivered to our room for us! We felt like royalty.

The map of our flight from Istanbul to Abu Dhabi

Our beautiful hotel room – complete with shower, separate bath tub, and bidet.

Our view from our hotel window – and yes, all the way to the right is the Emirates Palace! Cannot wait to see this in the morning!

The arrow points in the direction of Mecca for prayers and I can hear the call to prayer now as I type – 4:26am

I cannot wait to see what Abu Dhabi looks like in the daytime, right now it is 4:15 in the morning and Scott and I are ready for a shower and for bed! Masalaama and sweet dreams.