So here I am, sitting in the Buffalo airport waiting to start my 24+ hour trip to Abu Dhabi. It’s scary. Packing everything up, checking our bags, and now sitting here I cannot help but be overwhelmed with this decision we’ve made. We are not visiting – we are moving. We are not tourists – we will be residents. Last night I had this really weird dream. I was in a row boat in the middle of a large sea. As I looked around me I realized that the water was not blue, but it was made of Arabic letters and words. The curly script lapped against the boat, rocking me. I dipped my hand in the water and all I managed to scoop up was a handful of words. I drank them in but was still surrounded by a sea of Arabic. Clearly I am nervous about my limited exposure to this language.

But anyways, my parents drove us to the airport and I miss them already. It was a very teary eyed goodbye. When I went to Africa my mom was the one crying – this time, I cried too. I cannot believe I won’t hug my mom and dad again for 10 months. Man, I miss them. But we are on our journey and, as my dad reminded me, we carry their love with us. I am never far from their love.

Before we left yesterday my Dad gave Scott and I some of our favorite candy – Dots! However, he did rename them:

As I am sitting in the airport about to eat my “Camel Humps” aka Dots I cannot help but to laugh and smile. We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friend praying for us. Masalaama for now.