First of all – we officially got our Visas!!! We will each be on our own visas since we are each working. Second – Scott and I found out that there were some changes to our itinerary. We are still leaving on August 8th, however our plans have changed. Here’s how it is now:

August 8th: 5:30pm leave Buffalo airport fro JFK in New York City. Then at 11:55pm we leave JFK for Isanbul, Turkey

August 9th: Arrive in Turkey at 4:35pm their time. Then at 8:25pm we leave Istanbul, Turkey for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!!

August 10th: We arrive at the Abu Dhabi airport at 1:35am! We go straight from the airport to the hotel which is perfect – I’m sure after 3 days of traveling we will be ready to crash!

Yesterday Scott and I bought some resources to help us learn Arabic. Sadly learning on our own has proven to be really slow. We hope to find and take Arabic classes once there. I have found several websites online that help you learn Arabic and while in the process I found a website called Grapeshisha. It’s a really cool website that has so much information about Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and places to visit. It also has a lot of great pictures and I found an awesome video. After watching it I’m totally excited and cannot wait. While I have quite a few anxious jitters, I know that this experience is right for us. Scott and I have talked and we feel that we could have never planned this on our own. God derailed our lives and presented us with this amazing opportunity to travel, explore, learn, and fulfill our dream of living abroad. As the video states, I’m sure we will find ourselves somewhere in-between. So, without further delay . . .  here is the video: