The last three days we have been in Lancaster, PA for one last trip. One of the many things we have had to deal with is the issue of our car: When moving to a new country for two years, what do you do with your car? We have thought of selling it, storing it, and letting someone watch it for us. After talking to lots of people, Scott’s parents offered to use our car while we are gone! So we had to drive down to Pennsylvania and change the title over and get new plates. Believe it or not that car which Scott and I got when I was 23 was my very first car! This trip was a good excuse to see my “Pennsylvania” family one more time. We stopped by to visit with Heidi and Brett in Philadelphia, then went to Lancaster where there was a full house: Mom, Dad, Grandma, plus Amy, Nick, and Evan from California! Here are some highlights:

Great Grandma singing to Evan

Scott and his Mom making the Lego version of the Burj Khalifa that we got her for her birthday

All of us getting pictures of Evan on his 3 month birthday

Scott and Evan doing leg exercises!

Four generations in one picture!

Aunt Kaitlin consoling Evan

So, as most people know, in the Hawaiian language ‘Aloha’ means both hello and goodbye. As we departed from our Pennsylvania family I was teary-eyed. In the pictures I took, the family is waving us goodbye, and its a sad and long goodbye for now. But, just like the word “aloha,” when I am in Abu Dhabi I will look at the pictures of my PA family waving goodbye and see it as them waving hello. A picture that is both a goodbye and a hello – a bittersweet reminder of all the love I have waiting for me in Pennsylvania when Scott and I return from Abu Dhabi:

So Aloha Pennsylvania – and Masalaama only for now . . .