Last night my brother was in from Wellsville and had the idea to go to Shakespeare in the Park. This is one of our family’s favorite things to do in the summer. Or rather, I should say that Scott and I really enjoy it (been going for four years), my dad doesn’t mind it, my mother is usually confused, and my brother enjoys making fun of it and laughing at the wrong times. So we bring subs and drinks and make the best of it! Each year they do a comedy and a tragedy and each year one play is really good and one play is alright. So far my parents and brother have only ever seen the alright and sometimes just plan bad plays – but last night we finally all got to see the better play! It was A Midsummer Night’s Dream! And it was sooo funny. If anyone is in the area you should definitely go.  My mom decided that we broke the curse! It was nice just to sit outside with my family, enjoy the beautiful night sky, and hear a little Shakespeare. It was as if “we did but slumber here / while these visions did appear.” Now the Abu Dhabi Education Council flies us, and all the teachers home in the summer so our hope is not only to catch up with family again but to also catch some more Shakespeare in the park – especially since the curse is finally broken!