So we are getting really excited about our move and cannot wait to hear from the travel agency. At some moments I feel like I could go tomorrow and other moments I want to stay a bit longer. Depending on the date, we could be leaving in only a week and a half – which is just as scary as it is exciting. I found this new ad for visiting Abu Dhabi and thought it was really creative. It shows a bit of the architecture and landscape of the country that we will soon be living in. Just in case it does not work you can also click on this link to watch it. Enjoy!


On a completely different note:

Attention all you who are technology savvy: My mother, the antithesis of all things technological, got an iPad! That’s right – a flashy, new piece of technology! If anyone out there knows my mother, the you know that she struggles to do anything beyond checking her email and pulling up my blog. But I have to say that she is learning quickly and pretty soon she will be walking around with her iPad and showing off pictures to everyone. Look at her go: