We had a wonderful time yesterday evening wine tasting with my Aunt Karen, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Linda from Kentucky. It is so nice seeing them before we leave. We started the evening off with wine tasting in the Niagara escarpment:

Uncle Bill, Aunt Karen, Aunt Linda

My crazy,silly, wonderful brother was also in town from Wellsville:

So of course we had a crazy, silly, wonderful time:

My father tebowing at Freedom Run Winery!

Uncle Bill pretending to have too much wine!

My mother finding the perfect hairstyle in Lewiston!

My father stealing my lobster for a couple laughs!

And of course – my brother ruining yet another cute family picture : )

After wine tasting we drove over to Lewiston for the best Italian I have ever had in my life! If you are looking for a relaxing evening with food that literally melts in your mouth than check this place out! We ate at Casa Antica on Center St:

It was such a romantic evening: