Sorry for being so absent lately. We spent the last two days at Scott’s grandmother’s house and had no access to the internet. But we of course had a wonderful time catching up with family. Yesterday was actually our two year anniversary! We will celebrate it later since our lives are currently crazy at the moment, but I thought this to be a good time to reminisce. I’m about to get all sentimental on you but as my good friend Emily says, “who doesn’t love love?!” So, two years ago yesterday, Scott and I exchanged vows and began our wonderful marriage together. Here is July 18, 2010:

Last year, to celebrate our one year anniversary Scott and I went to our favorite place in the world – the Adirondacks. We both have always wanted to do a backpacking trip and to some this may sound crazy to do for an anniversary but it truly was perfect. We did a 30 mile backpacking trip which included climbing 4 mountains (one of which, Mt Marcy, is the tallest in New York State). Nothing better than being in the middle of the Adirondacks with my love:

And this year, our second year, we spent with family : ) Its really been great to visit and travel with family this month:

So as these two years close, we look forward to the next two years together in Abu Dhabi! I just received an email from the travel agency notifying us that we will know our exact date of departure by the end of next week! Again the dates have been shifted around and we should plan to leave sometime between August 6-12. So, haya bina ila Abu Dhabi! As one chapter closes and new one begins! Masalaama . . .