We left Heidi’s house yesterday and headed to Scott’s parent’s house in Lancaster, PA. We feel like nomads moving from one place to the next. Saying goodbye to snowflake was really hard. I have never loved an animal this much in my entire life. If anyone has ever loved a pet you know what I mean. While I was unemployed for eight months I spent my whole day with Snowflake and we got really close. While I was feeling bored, useless, and forgotten – while I was applying for jobs, doing odd jobs, and cursing my old job – while I was doing grad school, cleaning the house, and trying not to go crazy – Snowflake was right there, curled in my lap, sitting at my feet, or calmly meowing reminding me that I am not a total loser. She is so precious to me. So, after leaving Heidi’s house I of course cried in the car. It sounds pathetic but you cannot reassure a cat like you can reassure a person. I cannot tell Snowflake that I will be back, that I’m leaving the country. To her I’m abandoning her and I’m just leaving her with a stranger. I just want to be sure she is comfortable in her new home. Thankfully she is. Heidi updated me this evening and Snowflake is adjusting really well. She even curled into Heidi’s lap and was brave enough to interact with the other cats. Scott and I will both really miss Snowflake – our first pet.