Sorry again for not posting – all this traveling is time consuming! So, to recap, yesterday Scott and I picked up Snowflake from “Uncle Brian’s” house. I mentioned Brian and Justin in a previous post and promised a picture. Since we all looked so good at our wedding I decided to post that picture.My brother Austin is in the tan suit, Justin is next to me with the sunglasses, Brian next to him, and my other cousin Jeff on the end (who we hope to meet up with in India or the UAE – he is starting a real estate business over there – talk about small world – big move, but family everywhere). The Rusek’s (Justin and Brian, and well really the whole family) have been a HUGE support to Scott and I as we have been preparing to move – truly self-less. They would do anything for anyone and have the most generous hearts. For example, we were struggling with getting rid of our furniture and so Justin and Brian came over with their truck and helped us to not only transport our bed to my parent’s house and our couch to their house, but all the remaining furniture to the nearest Am-vets. They are even holding a few of our things for us while in Abu Dhabi (including our brewing kit which we fully anticipate them to use!). To top that off Brian even said he would cat-sit Snowflake for the week that we were in California! Snowflake loved it at Brian’s place – rolling in the bathtub and following him around! Scott and I could not have asked for better friends. They are truly family. But now moving back to yesterday, Justin was able to help us get Snowflake situated and comfortable in the car because – get a load of this – she made the six hour drive with us from Buffalo to Philadelphia yesterday! She was such a brave little girl! Until September, Scott’s sister Heidi is going to watch Snowflake – in September, Scott’s other sister Kaitlin will make a new home for Snowflake in her Philadelphia apartment while we are in Abu Dhabi (she just doesn’t move in until September). So, our poor traumatized cat made the six hour drive with us and coped like a champ:

See Snowflake on my lap?

After being a bit restless in the car – and perhaps a bit carsick – snowflake found her place on the floorboards. She loves stinky feet and since Scott’s are the stinkiest the world has ever known Snowflake loves his shoes. We decided that if I drove she would be more comfortable if I drove and she got to sleep at his feet. And she was:

Once we got to Heidi’s house, we discovered that Snowflake’s long traumatic car ride might not be the only traumatic thing. Heidi has three other cats – and graciously said she would watch Snowflake until Kaitlin’s apartment is ready – by the way did I mention that Scott and I have AMAZING family?? Snowflake is never around other cats and she was terrified when we first arrived in the house. So in order to integrate her better she has been staying upstairs and making a couple trips a day down stairs to meet her “cousins” aka Heidi’s cats. So she has been spending a lot of her time in Heidi’s bedroom:

After we got Snowflake settled, Heidi revealed the best surprise of the day – cupcakes!! But she did not just make any cupcakes – she made me cupcakes with UAE flags in them!! She is so freakin thoughtful!

Silly me is holding the flag backwards!

So that is what the UAE flag looks like! My future home. I wanted to start singing the national anthem and realized I don’t know it – I will have to look it up later.

So, to catch up to today. While Heidi and Brett were at work, Scott and I decided to visit another Brewery! I mean first of all, what else do we do and second of all, beer is a lot more expensive and harder to get in Abu Dhabi (basically you need a drinking permit and are given a monthly allowance) and so we need to get it all in before we leave! Today we visited Yards and Philadelphia Brewing:

Beer Sampler!

Three of their beers are actually recipes that were created by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all of which brewed beer – Thank you founding fathers!!

When we got home all of the traveling really caught up with me and so we took a nap – and who decided to join us but our little SnowBear:

Needless to say and relaxing day. Slowly Snowflake is meeting the other cats but mostly she is hiding and running and hissing. Let’s hope that tomorrow is a more positive interaction – Masalaama and good night . . .