We left California for Buffalo Saturday night – and before I explain that disaster let me recap our last day in Santa Rosa:

We spent our afternoon beer tasting at Russian River (Scott’s favorite west coast brewery). They had an amazing beer sampler that included- get ready for this – 18 beers!! It was awesome:

We then walked across the street for dessert – this time at Swift, a delectable cupcake place. Both Amy and I got the “Hot Mess” cupcake which was a hazelnut and ginger cupcake – delicious:

After going for a walk our appetites were worked up again and so for dinner we went to the best Sushi place in Santa Rosa. It was such a wonderful experience. Nick and Amy know the owner who promptly brought us out a bottle of Sake for the table! We got 5 different Sushi rolls – each of them just as delicious as they looked. My two favorite were the caterpillar (which was topped with avocado and given a nose to look like a caterpillar) and the black dragon (which was topped with black caviar and given a dragon head using tempura and vegetables). Seriously the best looking and the best tasting sushi I have ever had. And of course it was shared with the best company:

We then went home before getting ready for our overnight flight and had some more playtime with our cutey-pie Evan:

So after a sad goodbye – Amy drove us to the airport where our nightmare began . . .

When at the airport our gate was changed at the last minute and we almost boarded a flight to Cleveland instead of Chicago. Once we found the right gate we boarded the plane. All of us were sitting on the plane ready to go when the overhead voice said: “this plane is due for maintenance, please leave the plane and proceed to gate 87.” We both looked at each other with that “you’ve gotta be kidding me” look, got off the plane and then went over to gate 87. Once there we began the longest boarding process I’ve ever experienced – an hour and a half to re-board all of us! Why . . . I have no clue!! So fine, whatever, we still were set to catch our connecting flight. We finally left the San Francisco airport at 12:15am and arrived in Chicago at 5:30am. We grabbed some breakfast at the airport after sleeping for only about 2 hours and waited to board our flight to Buffalo. We were then notified that our plane was delayed 30 minutes – again fine whatever. We finally boarded that plane and, come to find out, it is missing row 12 for some reason so those people were given new seats. Fine butwe still weren’t leaving. Come to find out the person who scanned all of our tickets scanned us all onto the wrong airplane. So when we were ready to disconnect from the gate, the computer said our flight had no passengers. So they had to recollect our tickets and rescan all of them which for some reason took another hour and a half!!!!! By this point I was fuming and ready to give the stewardess a talking to. So, Scott gently placed an earphone in my ear and proceeded to play some calming music so I would not blow up. We were supposed to be home at 9:45am. Instead we landed at 11:45 and we were exhausted. All day Sunday we felt sick. So today we slept in until one in the afternoon! A much needed rest. So apologies for not posting yesterday, my brain was truly fried!