Warning – SUPER cute baby pictures . . .

So we spent all day playing with Evan. He is so adorable. Scott and I are now officially and Aunt and Uncle. Here is Uncle Scott with little Evan:

And Aunt Jenna holding Evan:

While eating Evan kept crying until he joined us at the table – such a social little guy:

He was so yesterday. First we went for a walk near a lake surrounded by redwood trees. Mom had her baby carrier and Evan was snuggled in tight during the walk:

We then went into Healdsburg to listen to some jazz in the square. Amy is such a fashionable mother!

We then went to my favorite brewery – Bear Republic:

Then it was bath time and off to bed:

Evan slept for 8 hours last night! So Amy and Nick were able to get some needed rest! This morning we have just been oo-ing and ah-ing at Evan. He just loves his Uncle Scott:

Well, happy 4th of July everyone! I know that with Evan in our arms we will have a perfect day : ) Masalaama.