Well we are finally in California. But before going into all of that let me catch everyone up. Scott and I decided while packing up the house that I am officially the master packer. No tote or box had any room to spare:

That’s right – towels between the knives, towels in the water bottles – I’m pretty good! Snowflake too the move a little hard – she was super sad that we were leaving the house:

She stayed in Scott’s closet until we left. Thankfully “Uncle Brian” is now watching her while we are in California. Justin and Brian, my cousins, have been HUGE lifesavers while we were packing up. I wish I had a picture to post of them but I’m not on my computer at the moment and my camera does not have any pics of them on it – I’ll put one up at some point though. Brian has a big truck so we were able to move a lot of things quickly. Thanks a BUNCH guys!!! Right now snowflake in at Brian’s house and I hope she is doing well. When we dropped her off she went right to her favorite place – the bathroom tub! Now onto the happenings of yesterday . . .

On our way to California our first plane was overbooked. They offered to give anyone who wanted to delay their flight and give up their seat $300 each. Scott and I decided that we should totally go ahead and do that and give the flight money to his mom so she can fly to California and visit the baby more often (we  don’t need the airfare because we will be out of the country in a couple weeks and the money is only good for national flights). So because of that choice our flight was delayed about 6 hours. They gave us money to eat in the airport and we went to Anchor Bar – yes there is in fact an Anchor Bar in the Buffalo airport! Delicious! So now we are in Santa Rosa

and were greeted by Amy and our new beautiful nephew Evan! He was all smiles and of course so were we. I am hoping to post some baby pictures later tonight. But I should go – time to catch up with Amy and Nick and get to know Evan! Masalaama everyone!